We are the

Bundaberg Orpheus Singers, Queensland, Australia.

We love singing good music together for our own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.
We welcome singers aged 18 to 80+.
We meet for practice on Monday evenings at 7.00 pm in the McNaught Hall of the Bundaberg Uniting Church, 24 Barolin Street, Bundaberg.
AND .......
We need more men!! Particularly tenors. Now is the time to come along and sing along. You know you want to.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Friday, 23 January 2015

Orpheans, Friends and Supporters!  Lend me your ears!

Christmas and New Year have come and gone.  The rains are upon us in our sub-tropical paradise. Soon it will be Australia Day, the kids will all go back to school (thank goodness) and we all get down to the business of 2015.

The Orpheus Committee got going this week.  Alison and Yvonne had already been at work - Alison selecting music for our first concert this year, and Yvonne locating and preparing it for us.

It will  be in March again, on Sunday 22nd, and again at Woodgate - they liked it so much last year, and were such an appreciative audience, it seems a good idea to go back.

And it will be a Celtic Ceilidh.

Hoot! Mon,  - brush off your kilts! Puff up your pipes! Lace up your leggings!

For a preview of some of the selections, check the "What we are working on" widget on the right hand side bar.

AND ALSO: to brush up on some of your celtic dancing moves, check out the Scottish and Irish Dancing videos.  Very good for cardiac fitness, to be sure.

First practice - Monday 2nd February, 6.45 for 7.00pm at the Uniting Church Hall, Barolin Street

(In modern usage, a cèilidh or ceilidh /ˈkli/ is a traditional Gaelic social gathering, which usually involves playing Gaelic folk music and dancing. It originated from Ireland andScotland, but is now common throughout the Scottish and Irish diasporas. In Scottish Gaelic it is spelt cèilidh (Scottish Gaelic pronunciation: [ˈkʲʰeːli]), and in Irish it is spelt céilí (Irish pronunciation: [ˈkeːlʲiː]). The term ceilidh can also refer to social dances in England.)

Monday, 15 December 2014

Photo: Don't forget this Thursday's last lunchtime concert for this year featuring 4 oboists which is probably a first for Bundaberg,ably led by Barry Davis. This concert being the last this year will be slightly longer than usual and will include a world premiere of a trio for 2 oboes and Cor Anglais, dedicated to Barry. There will of course be some Christmas music and we hope that many of you can be there!Bundaberg Sinfonietta #bundysinfonietta

Hi Everyone!

Next Thursday December 18 will be the last lunchtime concert for this year beginning as usual at 1pm at Christ Church, Corner of Woongarra and Maryborough Streets. 

This concert will be a special one for our Director Barry Davis as he will be playing with 2 of his Oboe students, Aichlinn Huang Ryan and Bridie Argent, along with guest oboist Talitha Best who has previously performed as soloist in the main Sinfonietta Friday night series.

In addition the slightly longer programme will feature the world Premiere of a Trio for 2 oboes and English horn by Aaron Alfred S.C. Lee dedicated to Barry. 

The programme will finish with Christmas carols arranged for 3 Oboes and English horn.

We hope as many of you as possible can come along and be thrilled by this amazing sound and combination of instruments! Bring your friends who have never been to our concerts!

Bundaberg Sinfonietta Publicity

Sunday, 7 December 2014

A wonderful Christmas Concert at Holy Rosary tonight.

Everyone, especially the Community Carol Singers (aka the audience) was in fine form.

The Bundaberg Municipal Band accompanied the carols and did their own very spirited pieces.

Poco savvi voce were delightful, and Savvi voce were sensational.

Orpheus and the Ensemble were pretty good too!

Savvi with Robyn

Savvi Graduates - Claudia, Sarah and Anita are off to pursue their careers.  
Congratulations and best wishes. 

Orpheus ensemble tunes up

Mary, Alta Julie and Le

Joyce, Leonie, Ann and Ann (!) 

Robyn (left)  and Gwenda (right) 

Emma and Denise

Poco savvi voce sing "Where are the angels".  They were right there!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Here are some more pics from ABC/Library event, taken by Alta.  They are good.  
Thanks Alta!

What a great shot!  Robyn, Chris, Liam, Alison, Ray, Barry. 

Mother and Son.  Liam O'Mally is actually a trombonist (with the WA Symphony), but he sings the odd note too, and was happy to help out. 

Alison, Sue Gammon (Library) and David Dowsett (ABC) on air. 

What fun we had at the ABC party at the Bundaberg Library this morning

The Orpheus Ensemble sang along to the jingle bells played expertly by ABC radio host David Dowsett.  Yukele Band Makin Whoppee did what they do best.  And a lone trumpet player went through his carol repertoire. It was fortunate he turned up, as DD was threatening to do his own vocalise version of the carols.

Alison got the opportunity to tell the Wide Bay ABC listeners about Orpheus and the Christmas Concert on Sunday night.  

Local Members Stephen Bennett and Jack Dempsey also appeared and spread some convivium and were required by DD to give an account of themselves. What's your story???? 

Some of us scored an ABC ball cap, which we will wear proudly to signify our support for the regional ABC, and let Mark Scott (and the Government) know that we do not at all like the idea of these cuts.  

Getting ready for action.  The ABC and the Local Library in action together - two of the very best things in any Australian community.

ABC's Scott Lamond hands out the Christmas Cake and Shortbread. 

Makin Whoppee... gets going ....

Orpheus Ensemble tunes up.....

Alison spruiks Orpheus.....Sue Gammmon of the Library and David Dowsett of ABC

And Stephen Bennett and Jack Dempsey tell their stories....